Telescopic Mast Systems

Ranging from our super light weight Hiperpod Standard, with a base tube diameter of 45mm, up to our largest 250mm diameter keyed masts, Total Mast Solutions continually aim to provide affordable yet high quality products to enable customers to obtain the altitude required for their particular task. Our pneumatic telescopic masts are constructed from anodised aluminium that is resistant to the elements* and available with a fully customisable range of guying, mounting and transportation options to suit each user’s application. Our masts are extended using either a hand pump or a 12v/24v/110v/240v air compressor.

Manual or Electronic Mast Rotation

Allows full 360° rotation of the entire mast at its base. Turning masts have a 360° counter which allows precise rotation and a manual clamp to lock it in the required position. When ordering a manually rotating mast, a rotation hand wheel which clamps around the mast should also be ordered. A rotation upper mounting bracket is also available. This is commonly used to secure the mast when fitted to a vehicle. It clamps the mast but still allows rotation. All our masts have a rubber roof mounting sealing ring fitted as standard – this is simply slid down to meet the roof mounting bracket to create a water tight seal.

Electric turning masts can be operated using a remote control and fitted with a potentiometer which allows the user to control both the exact rotation and extended height.

Worldwide Supplier

We pack and ship all of our mast systems and other products direct from our premises in Leicestershire, England (UK) via trusted and reliable courier services. Our most popular masts are available for next day dispatch, in strong purpose built, reusable containers.

Unique Approach

Our efficient, simple to use and durable products are CE approved and guaranteed for 2 years. Full user training, demonstrations and guides are available for download or in person at our workshop location in the East Midlands. The technical team are always happy to discuss your project and advise you on the most suitable kit for your application, as well as custom building items to meet your specifications.

Portable Masts

Our selection of Portable Masts come in three diameter sizes: Ø66mm, Ø80mm and Ø101mm
With an extension range between 2m and 20m in height and head load capacity up to 30kg.

All mast sections can be securely clamped at different points using the twin clamp system. The clamps have been uniquely designed and rigorously tested to ensure that they firmly grip, but do not damage the tube sections.


Keyed Masts

‘Keyed’ refers to the keyway that runs the length of the masts to prevent the tube sections from rotating. They can be rotated from the base either manually or electronically. Keyed masts are available in Ø64mm, Ø77mm, Ø90mm, Ø115mm, Ø152mm, Ø200 and Ø250mm (base tube diameter size), extending up to 40m in height and capable of carrying head loads up to 500kg.

Keyed masts are available in three main styles

Standard – Integral mast head cover, no collar clamps.
Classic – Ø24mm socket head load adaptor, with collar clamps.
Compact – Integral mast head cover, no collars or collar clamps.

We also supply Special Masts Systems and ultra-lightweight Ø45mm Integral Tripod Masts. Please see our product pages for further details.

*Water-ingress protection may be required for long term outdoor use. We stock innovative water ingress protection solutions for all masts. Please see the Accessories page for further details.


Fast Mast Vehicle System

Suitable for all masts in the pneumatic Portable and Keyed mast ranges, specifically designed for rapid deployment by a single person, the versatility of the Fast Mast enables the user to easily remove the mast from the box for mounting on a tripod away from the vehicle if required.



Our masts have an increasing number of uses, here you will find a selection of applications that our equipment is most commonly used for. Having been involved in thousands of projects, from simple camera elevation to stage productions, pyrotechnics, outdoor events and lighting, archaeological research, sea exploration, wildlife conservation (to name a few), we have steadily acquired a wealth of knowledge in a diverse range of fields and as such are well equipped to advise customers on the most appropriate and cost effective solutions to their needs. Please contact us to discus your project or requirement and our expert team will be on hand to offer friendly advice and guidance.


Custom Built Systems

We are able to tailor our equipment kits to suit your specifications. Whether it be a custom bracket, head load adaptor or purpose built trailer, we have the capacity to fulfil your requirements.