Mast Trailers – Deployment Systems with Maximum Portability

Our craftsmen can design and fabricate tailor made trailer mast systems to suit any application. We have the capability to rapidly produce large batches of trailer masts or single/one off trailer solutions.

What we can offer . . .

Designed for easy deployment in a few minutes and in most cases by a single operator, we can install supporting framework for solar panels and strong lockable steel on-board boxes for stowing batteries or other equipment, such as on board generators to our trailer masts. Strong extendable outriggers with manual jacks are used for levelling and stability. Aluminium checker-plate is often fitted to form anti-slip decking. The trailers are fully galvanized and many types are available such as inboard or outboard single or twin wheeled versions. They come with a jockey wheel and trailers with breaks are also available. All of our trailers are built to current UK regulations and have a VIN plate.

Our telescopic masts can be fitted vertically on a permanent basis (for shorter retracted masts) or an easy to use pivoting support framework is used to horizontally stow and transport masts with longer retracted lengths. Resting the mast horizontally is often an advantage when installing head loads, and the mast is then simply pivoted either manually or by hydraulic ram for heavier masts. A working platform with safety handrail can be fitted for access to mast head and clamps. If you simply wish to purchase the mast and fit it to a trailer yourself, we are happy to supply all the components and our technical department are always happy to give useful guidance. Any of our range of telescopic masts can be used on trailers. Please contact us for more details.


The New Flat-Pack Lightweight Trailer System

Ideal for self-build or export customers, the entire fully galvanised trailer and pivoting support system is delivered in a small box and simply bolts together in a few hours. Numerous mast types can be fitted up to 20m (extended height) and maximum retracted length of 2.8m. The quick-release pivot clamp allows the mast to be rapidly removed for alternative deployment on other mounting systems, such as Tow Hitch, Drive-On, or Tripod Mounts. A second version that pivots and stows the mast on the trailer bed is also available for masts with a maximum retracted length of 1.850m.

What Else We Can Offer…

Self Fit Option

For our export customers we supply everything you will need to enable you to swiftly fit a horizontal pivoting or vertically fitted masts to a trailer which can be purchased locally. It comes with full working drawings and our technical department are always happy to help and we have a wealth of knowledge for all methods of installation.

The 2 images above show an example of a 28 metre 200mm Ø mast fitted to a pivoting deployment framework. This allows bigger masts to be transported horizontally and also enables easy access for fitting various types of devices without having to climb. Strong new designs are available where the entire pivoting frame including outriggers can be dispatched as a flat pack for easy self assembly to flat bed trailers. This is an important technical advantage for our export customers and much more cost effective for shipping. If you have specific design requirements we can fabricate the pivoting framework to suit your needs. Please call or email our sales team for advice.