Winch up Masts

A Huge Range of Pneumatic, Push Up & Winch Up Telescopic Mast Systems

 Winch up Masts

The New Large Winch up Mast System

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Key Features-
• 1 & 2-Stainless steel head-load adapter with 2 clamp knobs. Internal sizes- 54mmx54mmx150mm deep. Many alternative types are available or we can make them to suit your requirements.
• 3 & 4- Standard head-load receiver plate with 4 fixing bolt holes and 4 guying eyes.
• 5- Robust nylon tube guiding segments, 4 per collar.
• 6- Winching runner wheel.
• 7- Mast retaining safety pin for use when fully extended. This can be padlocked for additional security.
• 8- Safety pin hole.
• 9- Wall fixing spacer brackets. These are useful for avoiding over hanging structural items such as gutters. These can be made to suit your requirements. Sold as an additional item these have 4 10mm fixing holes.
10- Middle pivot assembly sold separately for use with a pivoting frame that will allow you to pivot the mast to horizontal for installing head-load equipment
• 11- 3 fixing plates with 4 10mm holes
• 12- 2 water drain holes
• 13- Base fixing plate with strengtheners, 6 slotted 13mm fixing holes and 2 30mm fixing holes
• 14- Strong 5mm stainless steel winch wire
• 15- Robust winch with 2 way ratchet function


The mast can be mounted to a building, a structure, our pivoting frame pod, a trailer or simply bolted to concrete from the mast base. This makes it extra versatile and super strong.
All sections extend simultaneous, this function allows the mast to be extremely strong when partially extended due to the sections overlapping.

The New Small Light Weight Winch-up Mast System

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The Facts-
• Strong steel box section mast
• Manual winch with up/down safety ratchet and 4mm steel cable
• Extended height- 6.9m/22ft 8in
• Retracted height- 1.775m/5ft 9in
• Maximum head load- 45kg
• Mast weight- 27kg/59lbs
• 5 Section mast
• Base tube diameter- 70mm/2″ 3/4 Ø
• Top tube diameter- 35mm /1″ 3/8 Ø
• 3 sprung loaded safety locks that automatically locate at 100mm intervals
• Intergral spirit level
• 4 mounting point options


”The new super strong and versatile mast system”