Laser Scanning Masts

Pneumatic Telescopic Mast Systems For 3D Laser Scanning

Laser Scanner

Laser Scanner Masts

We have been working closely with world leading 3d laser scanning companies to produce a Custom made mast system to aid in the use of scanning. Our systems have proven to significantly help when laser scanning buildings and large areas. Please call our team to discuss your individual scanning application.

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Recommended masts to use for 3D laser scanning

Push Up Masts

Hiperpod Fully Extended Mast
  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Extended height up to 7.3m
  • Retracted height 1.6m
  • Product weight 7.5kg
  • Max. head-load 3.5kg
  • Base tube diameter 45mm
  • Tube wall thickness 1mm
  • Air cushioned for smooth safe retraction
  • Fully adjustable legs

Portable Mounting Systems

Inverted Mast

Our masts can be used inverted (downwards) by utilising a winch and guy ropes – usually while mounted on a QPOD or fixed to a structure. They have proved an invaluable tool within the offshore oil industry as they are used for underwater inspection and installation monitoring without the need for a diver entering a very dangerous environment.

Trailer Masts

Total Mast Solutions Mast on Trailer

Ideal for large tower or antenna systems which need to be portable, our trailer masts are ideal and can be easily operated by just one person.

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For many years we have worked closely with many of the worlds military, government, and civilian security organisations, and therefore have a vast knowledge of this application. We always ensure our systems are specifically designed to be a user-friendly, rapid deployment solution to suit your specific requirements.

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