Lighting Masts

Automatic telescopic vehicle-mounted lighting mast / Fireco automatic roof mast


This is an ex-demo system that has the same functions as the Night Owl or the Night Scan system. 

Our version has the added function of motorised lights that will, with the aid of a remote control handset allow the user to concentrate the illumination onto a specific area. The remote control handset is easy to use and can pivot the mast to the vertical position, extend the mast to the required height and fully control the 8 lamps. 

It can be wired into the vehicle power supply and is very robust. It has an internal compressor and will easily fit a suitable roof rack or directly to the roof of a vehicle. 

This type of system is in constant use throughout the world with fire services, and so it has a proven track record for quality and reliability. 

It comes with a 2-year guarantee and is in perfect condition and has only been used a couple of times at exhibitions.

Extended height of 2.510 metres

Retracted height of 1.380 metres

Illumination 8 x 50 watt LED

Power 12 or 24V

Price £4,600.00 including VAT.

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