CCTV Masts

CCTV Poles, Security & Video Surveillance Masts

Amongst our numerous other applications, we are also specialists in the provision of surveillance and security masts.

Why Choose Us?

For many years we have worked closely with many of the world’s military, government and civilian security organisations, and therefore have a vast knowledge of this application. We always ensure our systems are specifically designed to be a user-friendly, rapid deployment solution to suit your specific requirements.


We can produce tailor-made trailer, tripod, ISO container, fixed post or pivot post & vehicle mounted solutions. Our equipment has been in service with many customers in this industry for many years and has built a proven track record for reliability and longevity.

We can provide all relevant certificates of conformity relevant to procurement personnel. With a huge range of over 900 different types of telescopic masts that range from 2m to 40m in extended height, with a large range of mounting and other ancillary equipment and internal spiralled cables, you can be sure that we will provide a cost effective system built to your specifications.

Anti Tamper Designs

Many anti-tamper designs are also available, and if you require optimum stability, some of our masts do not require guys and will still withstand severe weather conditions. We can provide a deflection chart to show exactly what impact wind speeds would have on any particular mast once we have been informed of the head load weight, shape and dimensions.

The majority of masts we provide are pneumatically operated using either a hand pump or air compressor and we also supply manual/push-up, winch up and mechanically operated mast systems.