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Amateur Radio

Our pump up masts, winch up masts and push up masts are commonly used by amateur radio enthusiasts as they are easy to transport and deploy and are a cost effective solution. The portable masts can easily support a wide range of commonly used directional and Omni directional antennas such as the dipole, yagi, spider beam and other types of beam antenna. A firm favourite for amateur radio users is the yaesu rotator for directional antenna alignment. We produce a wide range of strong adapters to suit all types of antennas including a universal mast adapter to suit the entire range of yaesu rotators and other types or rotators

Search & Rescue

We actively support many of the worlds search and rescue teams and have donated mast equipment to numerous charitable ham radio organistaions such as Raynet, Leicestershire and Warwickshire search and rescue teams as well as the red cross and RNLI. If you are part of a ham radio charity please let us know and we will be happy to do what we can to help as we understand you give you time to helping people.

Total Mast Solutions have a huge range of masts to choose from, and users often opt for a telescopic mast to overcome planning permission issues as there is no visual impact when a mast is retracted and not in use. Many of our rapidly expanding customer base in this field prefer our portable range, as they are easily transported and rapidly deployed by a single person. Many of our systems do not require any form of planning consent. You can see a range of tripods and many other useful mast mounting systems in Accessories.

Another popular system is the super lightweight yet robust Hiperpod. Available as a stand-alone unit or full set of equipment including:

  • Carry bag
  • Stabilisation weight bag
  • Magnetic spirit level
  • Guying set with karabiner
  • Ground stakes & mallet
  • Quick-release head load adaptor (to suit any antenna up to 11kg)

You are welcome to visit our showroom for a full hands on demonstration and explanation of our equipment, or you can visit us at numerous ham radio exhibitions such as Hamfest, Newark, Kempton Park, Manchester, Blackpool and other exhibitions we attend all over the world. Check our News and Events sections for updates and further information on products and forthcoming shows.

We also stock spares and accessories for all sorts of masts. If you require spares or special mast lubricant, we can help. We maintain a cost-effective range of clamps and numerous types of mounting solutions which may be compatible with your mast. Contact us and we will be happy to help. Please remember to give us your call sign to receive your discount on any purchases.