Emergency Service Vehicle Masts

Emergency Service Masts

We have a huge range of emergency service masts systems that are specifically designed for police, fire departments, search and rescue teams and a wide range of government departments. They are commonly used for incident lighting, video surveillance and communications.

Why choose a Fireco mast system

Fireco mast systems have been in service with many of the worlds emergency services for decades and have a proven track record for strength, quality and reliability. All certificates for quality and conformity are available for procurement personnel. Part of the Fireco guarantee is a 15 year supply of spare parts and all masts come with a CE mark of quality and 2 year product guarantee. For systems integrators who build specialist emergency service and command and control vehicles we offer significant discounts for large quantity orders. We actively look to form long term working relationships with systems integrators who regularly buy emergency service masts. We also offer significant discount to search and rescue teams. If you are part of a charitable organisation such as highland / lowland rescue and Raynet who require communication masts or incident lighting masts we can offer discounts as we understand you give you time to keep us safe.

A large range of portable rapid deployment options are available, from vehicle mounted ‘Through-Roof’ style that extended and retracts vertically through the roof of a van, or ‘On-Roof’ roof masts that will deploy and stow in the horizontal position and can be operated either manually or electronically and be fitted with tilting and rotating lights giving the user full articulation if required.

Why do systems integrators choose Fireco masts

A large range of internal spiralled cables can also be manufactured into the masts (please check compatibility on the cable chart). Our superior, lightweight yet robust Hiperpod range is a firm favourite with many search and rescue teams. With over 900 mast types available, we can supply a system tailored to suit your requirements. Full in-house fitting service is available or full installation instructions can be provided for systems integrators.

Aqua Mast

1. Aquamast

The patented system Aquamast is a brand new product to our range. It enables fire control in high buildings and in smaller streets, where larger fire trucks do not have enough space to enter.

Roof Mast

2. Automatic Roof Masts

Roof masts can be operated either manually or electronically.

The manual roof masts are easily mounted on the vehicle roof and can be 90° tilted, manually or electrically. Our automatic roof masts can be operated via a wired or wireless handset to control and rise to vertical and extend functions.

They have an inbuilt compressor and internal wire within the mast to power the lamps. 12V or 24V versions are available.