Telecommunication Masts & Antenna Masts

Our pneumatically controlled aluminium mast systems are commonly used throughout the communications industry. They can be used as portable temporary platforms for directional or omni-directional antennas or fixed in permanent positions. We have a huge range of over 2000 masts, with extended and retracted heights to suit any application. Our base tube diameters range from Ø45mm to Ø340mm and can carry impressive head loads of up to 500kg.

Who uses our communications and antenna masts?

Our masts are in service with many of the world’s military and government organisations, police, fire brigades, search & rescue teams, broadcasters, and both professional and amateur radio users who utilise them for omitting and receiving an expansive range of data transmission and radio frequencies. We stock a range of mast to antenna adaptors and are able to rapidly produce custom brackets to suit users’ requirements.

We offer a full installation service for specialist vehicles, such as TV broadcasting, or we can supply full fitting instructions for systems integrators. Mechanically operated masts are increasingly employed by the communications sector, and provide an alternative to the pneumatic operation of the majority of our range, enabling users to extend and retract to precise heights remotely via PC or other such devices. The MecMast has impressive lifting capacities and all of the new electro-mechanical range is compliant to military standard – MIL-STD-810, thus requiring far less maintenance than all other types of masts on the market. The MecMast is equipped with a manual over-ride function, base tube size range from Ø127mm to Ø250mm and up to 20m extended height. Please view the MecMast product page in Special Mast Systems for further details.

WIFI Signal Strength Boosting

Festivals, sporting events, trade fairs and all manner of locations where large numbers of people congregate invariably have a demand for WIFI network and web access. We have numerous masts to facilitate WIFI gateway and a full range are available to hire that can be dispatched for next day delivery in strong purpose-made crates. Please view our hire rate card or contact our experienced and friendly sales team. We distribute our hire fleet all over the UK, and ship purchased products globally. All the packaging we use for our equipment meets ECC requirements to ensure all items reach you safely.

Telephone Signal Boosting

Our masts are commonly used at outdoor events and other places where large groups of people gather such as exhibitions, etc. As so many people now use smartphones, this can cause problems as the fixed telecommunications masts cannot cope with this increase in demand. Customers generally choose masts from our Portable Pneumatic Masts range, between 6m to 12m, and install boosters to increase signal strength and coverage. You can choose to buy or hire our extremely lightweight Hiperpod, which has proven popular for this application.

Mega Mast Range

We have now released the new Mega Mast range that incorporates positive locking collars to lock the sections together for extended periods of time. These range from 115mm up to 340mm diameter allowing for more than 180 height configurations ranging between 3 to 40m. Each collar incorporates two positive locking mechanisms to lock the telescopic sections together while in the extended position without the need to maintain air pressure. This is beneficial for applications that require a telescopic mast to be deployed for long periods such as in the communications, military and construction industries. The Mega Masts can be laterally supported with guy ropes, increasing the stability of the mast. Internally coiled cable, turntable bases and pneumatic accessories are available. Added wiper seals (Sand Scraper Rings) can also be supplied to help prevent the ingress of dirt and grit whilst the mast is deployed in harsh conditions.

New 340MMØ Mast Range

We have also released the 340mm diameter mast which is a large step up in strength from the 250mm diameter masts which will allow for larger loads to be raised such as heavy communications equipment. These masts have positive locking collars which prevent the mast tubes from slipping down with heavy loads or guying forces over time. The mast collars are also available with Sand Scraper Rings for applications in harsh environments. As with all our pneumatic masts tubes are constructed from aluminium and anodised silver to protect from abrasion and corrosion.

We are currently working on mast charts, please contact us for further information.

Recommended masts to use for communication

Vehicle Mounted Masts

Vehicle Mounted Keyed Mast

Formed from strong powder coated aluminium, the box contains a roller mechanism which allows forward and backward level adjustment of the mast when parked on uneven ground, and the tow hitch winder assembly enables side to side level adjustment, giving the operator full control of the masts position and stability.

Trailer Masts

Total Mast Solutions Mast on Trailer

Ideal for large tower or antenna systems that need to be portable, our trailer masts are ideal and can be easily operated by just one person.

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