Case Studies

Lighting Mast

Local Sport Pitch Lighting

Background: Christy Lighting is a worldwide leader in the supply of lighting solutions and electrical installations. Task: Due to complaints from residents, local planning authorities have dictated that the retracted height of the lighting columns at Little Marlow athletics track should be no more than 5 metres. Solution: Total mast solutions provided 10 x 15 metre 250mm Ø mast systems

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Portable Mast System

Portable Mast System for MLE Pyrotechnics

Background: MLE Pyrotechnics required masts for firework displays at numerous events, the first of which was at the closing event at Stanford Hall (video below). Task: Precision altitude firework display, released in timed bursts. Solution: 5 x 12m 101mm Ø portable mast systems.

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Love your Garden Alan Titchmarsh

Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Spun Gold TV required a 12 metre mast to enable them to get a Birdseye view to capture every stage of their garden builds. This was often difficult to film from ground level and for viewers to really appreciate the changes evolving in the garden, a high shot was essential. Previous series of the show saw them approaching this problem

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Hi Cam Filming System

Hi Cam Filming Systems for Sports Performance Analysis

Background: Sport AV is an international provider of cutting edge technology solutions, interactive technologies and audio visual equipment to the sports and education industries. We provide them with an innovative, professional and cost effective solution, still maintaining an individual approach to clients’ needs. Through consultation with our customers, Sport AV has developed a number of unique products which fulfil the

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Theatre Performance

Theatrical and Filming Special Effect Mast

Our telescopic masts are in use for creating special effects on stage on film locations. One application is a mast that extends through the stage floor during the pantomime Jack and the beanstalk and the mast is the growing beanstalk. Another application is a mast that sprays special bio degradable foam onto film sets to create the illusion of snow.

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Camera Surveillance Mast

Camera Surveillance

We have been working closely with a high profile military / naval customer (Kelvin Hughes) to provide a mast solution to deploy their new and innovative radar and camera surveillance system. It has been specifically designed for such applications as boarder and perimeter surveillance and protection of large installations such as petro chemical plants. This will be on our exhibition

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Tree and Leaf Analyisis

Tree and Leaf Analysis

We are working closely with the Institute of biological, environmental and rural science at the university of Aberystwyth to develop a new mast system that can be transported into extremely remote forestry. It can also be deployed on very steep hillsides. Part of the development will be to design a method of gathering leaf samples from tree canopy’s at 20

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Inverted Mast

Inverted Mast

Our masts can be used inverted (upside down) and the common application for this is inspection of chambers, vestals etc. The mast can be winched downwards / upwards and also used in the usual vertical way. We recently sold an inverted mast to a customer who was using a scanning device to inspect a petrochemical vessel.

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Security Mast

Kelvin Hughes Security Masts

Background: Kelvin Hughes Ltd is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of maritime navigation, surveillance and security radar systems. The company sets the international standard in solid state radar sensor technology with SharpEye™ and its market leading tactical and situational awareness radar display software’s. Task: A rapid deployment free standing surveillance systems which can be transported in

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