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We have a vast range of over 2000 different types of mast and other equipment for military application, from our super lightweight yet robust Hiperpod range that includes integral tripod, right up to our mechanically operated masts capable of lifting 500kg.

Optional Finishes

Our Military mast range equipment options

We have the robust portable masts which come with numerous mounting solutions through to our keyed masts up to 340mm diameter which will carry up to an impressive 500kg head load. All of our pneumatic masts are made from anodised aluminium and produced in silver and the mechanical masts are made from anodized aluminium and are produced in black. Alternative military colours available are Black, Brown, Sand Brown and Green. You can read more about this in our Military Brochure

We also supply a large selection of internal spiralled cabling, such as co-axial, power and data cables. We can provide all relevant certificates of conformity to fulfil procurement requirements, upon request.

All of our masts carry the CE mark of quality and carry a 2 year guarantee as standard. Our masts and ancillary equipment has been in constant use with many of the world’s military organisations for many years and as such have a proven track record for longevity and reliability. We have the capacity to supply large quantity orders due to our state of the art production methods and thorough testing in our quality control department prior to dispatch.

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Prospective and existing customers are welcome to visit our showrooms for a practical demonstration, or we bring our demonstration vehicle featuring a concise yet diverse selection of our specialist equipment, which can also be seen at a number of exhibitions around the world. Please see our News and Events pages for details of previous and upcoming shows.

Our collaborations with Italian mast manufacturer, Fireco, has brought together 50 years worth of experience in the industry, and our combination of skills and has produced an outstanding and versatile organisation that is rapidly becoming a market leader in innovation and engineering within our sector.

Fulfilling Customer Requirements

Our systems are used for a wide variety of applications, such as tactical communications, radar and surveillance, thermal imaging, lightning deflection, rapid deployment, temporary and semi-permanent lighting, ISO containers, systems integrators, horizontal, pivoting and inverted masts and a host of innovative mounting solutions to ensure a user-friendly set of equipment.



The electromechanical Mecmast offers a unique combination of impressive lifting strength, sturdiness, outstanding reliability and high precision. It is easy and safe to operate and versatile with numerous interface options. The Mecmast is an excellent solution for multiple military applications in the fields of communication, reconnaissance, security, surveillance, boarder control and target detection.

Key Features

  • Supports heavy payloads up to 400kg (882 lbs)mecmast
  • Extended heights available up to 30m (98 ft)
  • Retracted heights available from less than 1m (less than 3 ft)
  • Operates at any intermediate height position
  • Great variety of “off-the-shelf” solutions as well as customized solutions
  • Wide range of mounting bracket options • for installations on vehicles (usable while vehicle • is moved), in shelters or on open grounds
  • Performance proven rugged design guarantees for high resistance to demanding and harsh environment conditions including sand, dust, ice or snow
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F and many others
  • Durable and reliable with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Manual backup system
  • Different protocols are available, e.g. RS422, RS485, CAN bus
  • Customized protection bellows

 For more information, please download our brochure.

Pneumatic masts with Locking systems

The pneumatic masts with locking systems can be kept extended for long periods without internal air pressure. Two different solutions are available: • The Steady series is equipped with metal bands which embrace the single mast sections. These bands can be tightened so to keep the sections locked by friction. • The Super Steady series is equipped with mechanical locking devices. Each section • is provided with lever handles which will insert • two bullet latches in two slots on the tube. • In comparison with the Steady version, this model offer an even greater resistance: It allows a longer extension time as well as the mounting of heavier payloads.

The Steady and Super Steady masts meet the most demanding requirements of transportable communications, intelligence, surveillance and security systems for military applications.

Super Steady masts in semiautomatic and “easy” version.

pneumatic masts with locking systems

It is possible to provide the Super Steady masts with a semiautomatic or fully automatic locking system. The semiautomatic version works with the help of cords on the locking levers which allow for an operation from a safe distance.

The fully automatic “easy” version is intuitive to handle and may be operated from a remote position.

Key Features

  • Steady masts available with base diameters from 77mm up to 250mm
  • Super Steady masts available with base diameters from 115mm up to 340mm
  • Extended heights available up to 40m (131 ft) • Great variety of “off-the-shelf” solutions as well as customized solutions
  • Wide range of available mounting and guying accessories
  • Solutions with internal cable or with external cable guides in various forms
  • Optional special sand scraper rings for dusty and/or harsh environments
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Customized protection bellows

Recommended masts for military use


Mecmast Mast

The MecMast is the new mechanical telescopic mast driven by an electrical motor. The MecMast provides an excellent solution for specially designed antennas, cameras and other specific equipment used for Communications and Surveillance.

Trailer Masts

Total Mast Solutions Mast on Trailer

Ideal for large tower or antenna systems which need to be portable, our trailer masts are ideal and can be easily operated by just one person.

Vehicle Mounted Masts

Vehicle Mounted Keyed Mast

Formed from strong powder coated aluminium, the box contains a roller mechanism which allows forward and backward level adjustment of the mast when parked on uneven ground, and the tow hitch winder assembly enables side to side level adjustment, giving the operator full control of the masts position and stability.

Pneumatic Keyed Masts

200m Keyed Mast

All our keyed masts are built by our expert craftsmen using the best quality materials. The tube wall thickness ranges from 3.5mm minimum to 6mm. This gives maximum strength and durability. They are fully anodised for protection even against the harshest of elements.

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