Trailer Mast System

Auxiliary Drain Valve

Auxiliary Drain Valve: Managing Condensation

A buildup of water or condensation can form in certain humid or wet environments and can cause future issues and increased maintenance time and costs if left unchecked. Therefore, tackling condensation and water accumulations in mast and base systems is of high priority.

To prevent unnecessary maintenance work and costs, we recommend adding an auxiliary drain valve to mast base systems. This useful item can be used to drain condensation or water from the base of the mast and discharge it through the floor of a vehicle or mounting box etc, etc.

Any standing moisture is removed quickly and efficiently before problems or damage arise. You can view our complete range of mast accessories, send a message to our team, or give us a call at +44 (0) 1509 416972 for more information on protecting your telescopic mast, base, and trailer products.