Telescopic Mast

Christmas Tree & Stars

Another high-profile customer has collected a 26metre mast & 10metre mast for the creation of pop
up large Christmas trees.
The 26metre mast system will have numerous strands of LED fairy lights to create a huge visual
effect of massive Christmas trees at the festive event held at Warwick Castle 2023/24.
This system will be much more cost-effective than installing a real tree, and it will also be able to be
used for many years.
This will save the problem of transporting, groundworks, use of lorries, use of cherry pickers, working
at height, disposals, making good groundworks after the events, and so is a truly green eco-friendly
The same customer will be installing the 10metre Christmas tree mast on a floating pontoon at
Drayton Manor Theme Park, this will be a fantastic must-see one-of-a-kind visual effect.
We have also fabricated 2 very large 3-dimensional stars to go on top of the Christmas trees, which
will be covered with small fairy lights, these will be visible from any direction.

If you want to create an eco-friendly and visually stunning festive display with our masts, or if you are looking for different mast applications, contact us today.