Lighting Masts

High Profile Customers – 2022

  • Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Parade – One of our masts was used on a trailer to create a May pole visual effect and was seen by many millions of viewers.
  • Commonwealth Games 2022 – We designed and manufactured 599 mast systems from initial concept drawings to delivery in only 9 weeks to 13 sites across Coventry, Birmingham and London.
  • World Cup FIFA 2022 – 100 mast systems dispatched within 2 weeks of order.
  • Military Order – We have received an initial order for 1,500 keyed masts from the British Army. This order will be completed in batches over an 18 month period to enable them to install the systems into numerous vehicles such as the Jackal. The RAF and Navy are due to order many more systems. This order will secure our company’s future, enable us to expand and create more employment opportunities.
  • Pole to Pole Expedition – We have received an order for the world’s first electric self-powered vehicle which will travel from the North pole to the South pole. We are building a specifically designed trailer mast system which will elevate a 4.2m radius wind turbine to charge the vehicle overnight. Our understanding is that this will be shown on the world’s media channels such as Sky.