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A personal story

Following a difficult year for everyone, we have decided to change our usual Christmas gift policy and instead donate the money to charity. 

We hope our valued customers and suppliers will understand. We called a meeting and decided to donate to a Dementia and Alzheimer’s charity which is very close to our hearts and many other people around the world.

On a personal note from Simon Bourne

I have lost my father to this terrible disease, a 2nd world war hero having served as a dessert rat in north Africa. I personally looked after him for 18 months in my house and saw him deteriorate until he was overcome by the disease. 

A year after my father’s death it became apparent that my mum was also a victim of this horrific disease. I moved my mum into my house for her own safety which was not an easy decision, but one I felt was needed as both my mum and dad had given me so much. After 4 years of my mum living with me, sadly it became more than I could cope with. 

During these 4 years, I had my office at home and I was lucky enough that Hayley Wells (Sales Manager) agreed to work from my home. This was such a massive help for me as Hayley helped with caring for my mother daily, and I would not have been able to look after her for so long without her invaluable help. Sadly it came to the day that we were dreading and I had to make the decision to put her into a care home. 

She was 89 and it was becoming beyond my capabilities to give her 24/7 care, so now mum lives 1 mile away in a care home where she is well looked after. 

I will never forget the day I delivered my mum to a care home, it broke my heart. I was lucky enough to be adopted at 4 weeks old by 2 delightful people who showed me nothing but kindness and honesty. This is a gift that now I teach my children.

Here is a nice ending!

My mother is happy in the care home and has many friends to talk to. On my daily visits to see her I was lucky enough to make friends with a delightful and very attractive care worker called Hannah, who is particularly kind to my mum. 

The good news is that we are now engaged to be married. The date of our marriage has been postponed due to COVID-19, but we hope to set a date soon.