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Our Environmental Policy- Committing to a Better Future

Green Planet Forest

With extreme weather occurring more and more frequently, it is hard to ignore the impact of climate change on the world we live in. Some companies, however, will continue to try to ignore it. Total Mast Solutions is dedicated to doing the most we can to improve how we impact the environment, both locally and globally.

Why should companies make an effort?

Consumers are not alone in needing to make changes to be more environmentally friendly, especially as they are not the ones producing the vast quantities of waste and harmful gases.

While exact figures are not known surrounding how much all businesses affect the environment, it was found in 2019 that 20 companies across the globe contribute to a third of all carbon emissions. With that knowledge in mind, it is essential that all businesses start taking action to reduce their carbon emissions and waste. 

Steps Total Mast Solutions are taking

As part of our company’s ongoing efforts to reduce the waste and emissions we put out, we have introduced a range of procedures to aid in this. This is to soften the impact we have on not only the global climate, but also our local environments through waste disposal and excess deliveries. 

One facet of this that we are proud to announce is that in the last 18 months we have not bought in any packing boxes or other packing materials. We did this as much as possible and the only things that were unavoidable to buy were packing/fragile tape and banding tape. It was also ensured that the loose fill foam we buy in is completely biodegradable. 

This means that there is no excess packaging being put into landfill and anything that does get thrown away doesn’t then take decades (if not centuries) to decompose. 

An additional benefit is also a reduction in how much we are having delivered to us via delivery vans, therefore reducing our carbon footprint in a sustainable way.  

Throughout our company sites, we have also worked with our employees to further reduce whatever waste we do produce that is unavoidable. An effort has been made to recycle all paper/cardboard, and steel and aluminium offcuts wherever possible. Any non-recyclable waste has been reduced as well, meaning that our overall waste output has reduced significantly.

While these changes may seem small to start with, we are confident that they will have a long term and positive impact on climate change. Combined with our efforts to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods of power generation, we are hopeful for real change in the coming years. 

Have a look at our Wind Turbine Masts, Met Masts & Anemometer Towers to see what steps you can start taking today.