Trailer Mast System

Our New Range of Winch up & Motorised Steel Masts

In June 2024 we will be introducing our much-improved range of winch up masts which can also be extended & retracted via a 12v or 24v actuator with remote control handset. The strong box section steel box sections will now be fully galvanized & powder coated for enhanced protection & long service life.

The new simultaneous tube extension design is much improved and smoother in operation plus overcomes potential steel cable snagging. Each tube is guided by hardened aluminum alloy sections internally & tough nylon guides at the top. To ensure smooth operation & prevent wear & scratching they are both lighter in weight, easier to use and stronger.

Also, both manual winch and motorised versions are quicker to extend & retract. For example, an 8m will extend around 90 seconds & retract in around 70 seconds. Due to the bi-directional method of operation both can be extended to any height desired & have self-locking functions for added safety.

Our usual range of accessories such as cable retaining cleats, upper & lower mounting clamps, quick release equipment adaptors/mounting plates are available & special designs to suit your requirements can be rapidly fabricated by our craftsmen usually the next day.
They have many applications such as radio communications, floodlighting, security, military & emergency services. They can be supplied as a portable & tripod mounted version or trailer & wall mounted versions.

We will be compiling new product information sheets along with photos and videos shortly.