Winch Up Mast Range

Steel Winch Up Mast Range

Key Points

  • 1 metre height extender- £112.00
  • Antenna adapter 50mmØ x 300mm- £68.00- numerous types available
  • Padded mast or tripod carry bags- £148.00- example price is a 2 metre bag
  • 3 x guy ropes with tensioners, 3 x angular ground stakes and 6 x tripod stakes- £236.00 example price for W4
  • Open cable cleats- £9.40 each
  • Robust weight bag- £18.50 each (3 recommended)
  • W1 integral tripod-£326.00
  • W3 integral tripod-£331.00
  • Qpod S- £539.00
  • Qpod L-£548.00
  • Drive on mount-£428.00
  • Tow hitch mount-£421.00
  • Bolt down base-£335.00
  • 60mm upper mounting bracket-£67.00
  • 70mm upper mounting bracket-£75.00
  • 140mm upper mounting bracket-£109.00
  • 60mm base mounting bracket-£99.00
  • 70mm base mounting bracket-£105.00
  • 140mm base mounting bracket-£129.00

Super Strong Steel – The winch up mast range are extremely strong and can be used in harsh environments, they can operate perfectly in freezing temperatures, dusty environments and sandy conditions.

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