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Discover the ultimate in portable mast solutions with our cost-effective, adjustable telescopic mast, The Pole Pod. It’s an innovative system that features an integral lightweight tripod mast designed for ease of transport and versatility in various environments.

For enhanced stability on soft or uneven terrains, The Pole Pod offers three optional adjustable slots on its feet. The modular design includes aluminium tubes in lengths of 0.75m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, and 3m, allowing for customised height selection and straightforward transportation. These tubes, crafted for lightweight durability, seamlessly slot into the robust stainless steel sockets with secure retaining clamps, affirming The Pole Pod’s status as a leading portable mast system.

Further customisation is possible with our quick-release head load adaptor, equipped with guying points for additional support. Use our versatile mounting plates to mount your equipment at any desired height along the mast, with the option for internal cabling to maintain a clean and efficient setup.

The Pole Pod Technical Information:

  • Example weight for a 4.5m version, including tripod: 7kg, exemplifying its lightweight tripod mast advantage.
  • Aluminium tubes specifications: 44.2mm O/D 38mm I/D, ensuring sturdy and reliable support.
  • Head load capacity for a 4.5m mast: up to 13kg, accommodating a wide range of equipment.
  • Transitioning the mast from horizontal to vertical positions is facilitated manually, underscoring its user-friendly design.
  • Additional accessories, such as weight bags, guys, an integral spirit level, ground stakes, and tripod stakes, are available for optimal stabilisation.

Experience unparalleled flexibility and performance with The Pole Pod, priced competitively at £373.00 + VAT for a 4.5m mast with a tripod.

Call us on 01509 416972 or send an enquiry today.

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The Pole Pod FAQs

What are the key features of The Pole Pod?

The Pole Pod stands out for its remarkable lightweight design and user-friendly operation, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

How do I set up and dismantle The Pole Pod?

For your convenience, we provide a comprehensive user guide with every purchase, ensuring a seamless setup and dismantling process of our masts.

What is the maximum height and weight capacity of The Pole Pod?

We pride ourselves on tailoring The Pole Pod to meet your specific needs. If you share your requirements with us, we will create a mast that perfectly suits your demands.

Can The Pole Pod be used for both indoor and outdoor applications?

Indeed, The Pole Pod is versatile enough for indoor and outdoor settings, offering exceptional flexibility.

How does The Pole Pod compare to traditional tripod systems?

Unlike traditional tripod systems, The Pole Pod is distinguished by its lightweight structure, eliminating the need for manual hand pumps or compressors. Its tubes can effortlessly be elevated by hand, providing unparalleled ease of use.

What types of cameras and equipment can be mounted on The Pole Pod?

The Pole Pod is exceptionally adaptable, catering to various applications, including photography, security, lighting, and communications.

Is The Pole Pod suitable for professional photography and videography?

The Pole Pod is well-suited for professional use in both photography and videography, offering reliable performance and versatility.

What are the transportation options for The Pole Pod?

We dispatch our products in robust, secure boxes to ensure the utmost protection during transport.

How can I maintain and care for The Pole Pod to ensure longevity?

To guarantee the long-term durability of The Pole Pod, we recommend storing it in a safe, dry place when not in use.

Where can I find additional accessories for The Pole Pod?

For information on additional accessories and enhancements for The Pole Pod, please do not hesitate to contact us at 01509 416972.