Trailer Mast Systems

Our robust Trailer Systems can be customised to suit your requirements.


In late February 2022 we will be launching a completely new range of trailer types. They will all have many newly designed features such as wider and stronger fully adjustable telescopic outriggers to maximise footprint and stability. There will be several extra options such as a braked version of our compact lightweight trailers which will also be available with twin axle or single axle. There will also be the option to remove the tow bar for security. All new trailers will be fully galvanised as standard with the option for powder coating or painting to a colour of your choice. All new designs will be constructed from strong steel sections for durability without being any heavier. This entire range will be fabricated by our experiences craftsmen and can be adapted to suit your requirements. We will be uploading a new datasheet to the coming weeks.


This is a completely new design with many advantages over any other type available keeping our company at the forefront of our industry. This new innovation enables the mast to be transported at a much lower height which lowers the centre of gravity and increases stability during transportation. The base of the mast is transported on the trailer bed and the top of the mast is only around 600mm from the trailer bed. This also enables very easy installation of heavy headloads and the installation of guy ropes if required. This makes it much easier and safer for personnel so they are not working at height. The deployment and stowage is very easy and is raised by a strong steel track and wheel system which has 2 x strong winches which allow an easy and safe deployment and stowage. This new system can accommodate all masts up to our biggest 340mm diameter mast and up to 5.5 metres when retracted. It can be supplied fully galvanised and / or powder coated to any colour. We will be uploading images, a video and drawing in the coming weeks.


Our experienced craftsmen can rapidly build a custom-made trailer mast system to suit your specific requirements. We can offer numerous trailer types from smaller lightweight single axle types that are easily manoeuvred and deployed by a single person through to our rugged twin or triple axle types that are fully braked with overrun and fully galvanized. Shorter retracted masts can be mounted vertically and taller masts such as our 152mm, 200mm, 250mm and 340mm diameter masts can be mounted on a strong galvanized steel pivoting system that allows transportation in the horizontal stowed position and they can have a winch to make pivoting for deployment and stowing very easy.

We also rent trailer systems.


Our trailer systems are in use with many of the world’s military and government organisations, police, fire and other emergency services customers along with numerous other applications such as amateur radio, telecommunications and video surveillance, so they have a proven track record for quality and reliability.


  • Lockable weatherproof strong steel storage boxes
  • Access platform and ladder
  • Spare wheel
  • Additional powder coating/painting in any colour
  • Onboard pivoting solar panels
  • Guying winch advised on taller masts
  • Anti-tamper options

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Lightweight Trailer Lay Flat Type


Suitable for masts up to 12 metres in the 101mm ø range and a limited range of pneumatic keyed masts.

This image shows a 7.5-metre portable pneumatic mast that has a 101mm ø or 3.9″ base tube, the mast pivots at its base to stow flat on the trailer bed. The mast is quick release from the pivot base system enabling it to be quickly removed and deployed on a tripod if required. This mast is also easy to manoeuvre and deploy by a single person. Numerous versions are available.

(Please also note that ground clearance of 500mm must be taken into consideration which will increase the overall height of the mast.)

Medium Trailer Pivoting Frame Type


Suitable for masts up to 20 metres in the 101mm ø range & up to 15 metres in the 115mm ø range.

Fully built with galvanised pivoting frame, outriggers, jacks, aluminium decking & lockable storage box.

This image shows a 17 metre – 101 ø mast. it pivots to deploy centrally on the trailer base and can be quickly removed and deployed on a tripod if required. The frame and outrigger system are fully galvanised.

(Please also note that ground clearance of 500mm must be taken into consideration which will increase the overall height of the mast.)

Super Strong Trailer Mast System


Fully galvanised twin wheel trailer (3m x 1.7m bed), braked with overrun, aluminium decking, 4 x outriggers with manual jacks, full electrics, lights to UK standards, spare wheel, fully galvanised pivoting mast deployment frame, 1 x onboard steel lockable equipment storage box, 12V 173ltr/min compressor, battery & charger & full guying set.

Our Craftsmen can custom build to suit your specific requirements.

This image shows a 26 metre – 200 ø mast. This type of trailer is suitable for all larger masts and the mast can easily be pivoted/ stowed by a single person via a winch up system if required. A platform & ladder are available to access the mast clamps. Double width outriggers are also available for increased stability.

(Please also note that ground clearance of 500mm must be taken into consideration which will increase the overall height of the mast.)

Trailer Winch Mast

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