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Super strong guying picket

guying picket

They are fabricated from 70mm x 70mm x 8mm steel with 3 x guying points. 

They can be supplied painted as standard or galvanised. They can come with a quick-release guying winch, with 2 winching speeds and a 2-way ratchet. 

Available with 3 strand polyester pre-stretched rope or 2, 3 and 4mm stainless steel guys. The winch handle can be removed for safety and anti-tamper purposes. 

The standard winch capacity is 2000lbs, and they weigh 3kg. The overall picket length is 1.150m and weighs 7.5kg. 

Other sizes are available upon request. 

We have now included a picket removal slot on the super-strong picket to make the removal easy.  Please remember to order this separately.

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