Trailer Mast System

The Pole Pod

Pole Pod

This is a cost-effective solution for heights up to 5.25 metres, and it comes with an integral tripod. 

The 3 x optional adjustable slot on feet are also available for use on soft or uneven ground. The tubes are available in lengths of 0.75m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 3m to allow easy transportation, and you can choose the height you require. The aluminium tubes simply slot into the stainless steel sockets with retaining clamps. 

We can also supply a quick-release head load adaptor with guying points. 

The equipment can be mounted at any height along the tubes using our mounting plates. Internal cables are possible on this mast.

Technical information

Example weight including a tripod for a 4.5m version – 7kg

Aluminium tubes 44.2mm O/D 38mm I/D

Example head load capacity at 4.5m – 13kg

The mast will require manual lifting from horizontal to vertical

Weight bags, guys, integral spirit level, ground stakes and tripod stakes are available for optimal stabilisation at an additional cost

Example price for a 4.5m mast with tripod: £373.00 + VAT

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us.