Lighting Masts

The Slide And Pivot Mast Deployment System

This is a completely new design with many advantages over any other type available keeping our company at the forefront of our industry. This new innovation enables the mast to be transported at a much lower height which lowers the centre of gravity and increases stability during transportation. The base of the mast is transported on the trailer bed and the top of the mast is only around 600mm from the trailer bed. This also enables very easy installation of heavy headloads and the installation of guy ropes if required. This makes it much easier and safer for personnel so they are not working at height. The deployment and stowage is very easy and is raised by a strong steel track and wheel system which has 2 x strong winches which allow an easy and safe deployment and stowage. This new system can accommodate all masts up to our biggest 340mm diameter mast and up to 5.5 metres when retracted. It can be supplied fully galvanised and / or powder coated to any colour. We will be uploading images, a video and drawing in the coming weeks.