Lighting Masts

The super-strong field kit tripod

In late May 2020, we introduced our new, super-strong field kit tripod. This is a bigger and stronger version of our Q Pod range. 

Suitable for deploying our large diameter masts including the new 340mm diameter mast, it can be used to support masts with a retracted height of 1.6 metres up to 4 metres. 

Its user-friendly design gives a huge footprint of 4.5 metres leg radius for optimum strength and stability, yet is very compact when retracted for easy stowage. Padded carry bags are available.

The weight is 70kg which is significantly less than any other field kit available making it easy for 2 people to deploy. 

Check out the Q Pod Field Kit Tripod in action! 


While our Q Pod field kit tripod has a variety of applications, we have found that it benefits the military and portable lighting industries the most. 


What makes it perfect for military operations is how quick and easy it is to set up and take down. If you are having to move around a lot, you don’t want to spend too much time sorting out all of your equipment. With the Q Pod Field Kit Tripod range, you can do it all in minutes, meaning you can be on your way in no time!

If you’re working out in the field where the terrain is extremely uneven, you need stability for your telescopic mast. With legs that are adjusted manually, you can support and level your mast in any environment.

Another notable feature is how lightweight the tripod is. At only 70kg, it is easy for two people to carry and one person to put up. Coupled with a padded carry case, it can be transported with you anywhere!


If you need a quick fix for your portable lighting needs, the Q Pod Field Kit Tripod is the perfect solution. It can be put up and taken down in minutes, so you don’t spend too much time fussing with equipment.

If you’re working in fields that are extremely uneven, you can manually adjust your tripod legs to suit. This provides your telescopic mast with stability, no matter the terrain.

It is also worth noting how lightweight the tripod is. Perfect for small grounds maintenance teams, the tripod is only 70kg, and easy for two people to carry. Coupled with a padded carry case, it can be transported with you anywhere!

Sports Field Lighting

Getting planning permission for sports field lighting is often a challenging task, especially when a large proportion of pitches are in residential areas. There will often be pushback from residents who don’t want that eyesore in their neighborhood, but it is essential for sports fields to have. 

The solution? Non-permanent field lighting. Using the field kit tripod, you can put up and take down your sports field lighting as you please. Due to it not being a permanent fixture, planning committees are more likely to agree for them to be used, and will also reduce complaints from your neighbours.