Telescopic Mast

Twin Cylinder Air Compressor

Twin Compressor

The unit is contained in a strong weatherproof aluminium lockable box with carry handles. Each unit can be used separately at 160ltr/min or together at 330ltr/min to extend large masts rapidly. The unit can be powered by a standard automotive 12 DC battery. It has 2 x safety over pressure valves, adjustable pressure regulators, 2 x Pairs of crocodile battery connectors with 1.5m cables, 2 x Air shut off valves, 2 x Air outtake valves, 2 x 8m Coiled air pipe, 2 x Thermal overload with reset buttons, 2 x On / off sealed operating switches, instruction manual and padlock. These are CE approved have low noise, anti vibration and pads on the base of the box. Both air regulators must be adjusted to suit the maximum air pressure of the mast prior to use. Failure to do this can cause damage . If in doubt please contact our office prior to use. The box lid must be open during use.

Weight 22kg

530mm x 375mm x 255mm

Each unit  – 45 AMP

12V DC