Telescopic Mast

Local Sport Pitch Lighting

Lighting Mast


A worldwide leader in the supply of lighting solutions and electrical installations had issues with local authorities restricted the maximum high of the sport pitch lighting masts.


Due to complaints from residents, local planning authorities have dictated that the retracted height of the lighting columns at Little Marlow athletics track should be no more than 5 metres.


Total mast solutions provided 10 x 15 metre 250mm Ø mast systems which retracted to 4.5 metres when not in use. Compressors were supplied to extend and retract the masts and to keep the correct amount of pressure in the masts to prevent air loss when the masts were deployed.


The Telescopic Mast Solutions increased the availability of the facilities at Little Marlow to the general public in winter months. This gave an additional 600hrs use per year. See further details on the project in the attachment.