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Hi Cam Filming Systems for Sports Performance Analysis

Hi Cam Filming System


Sport AV is an international provider of cutting edge technology solutions, interactive technologies and audio visual equipment to the sports and education industries. We provide them with an innovative, professional and cost effective solution, still maintaining an individual approach to clients’ needs. Through consultation with our customers, Sport AV has developed a number of unique products which fulfil the demands and meets the challenges set by today’s Performance Analysts, Managers, Coaches and Teams.


Total Mast Solutions was to provide Sport AV with a certain piece of equipment specifically made for the purpose of filming sporting events, training sessions and games from high up angles. The equipment was to be used for performance analysis within the education and the professional sports markets. Sport AV needed them for two of their clients in the sporting industry, one in football and the other in rugby, the filming equipment would be used to video training sessions and games to assess each players game and how they could improve.


The Sports Mast Filming System was supplied to fill this requirement of the clients so that they could video games and training sessions to analyse and from that then create strategies for better performance. The piece of equipment supplied was fit for this purpose with adjustable legs to withstand all terrain, and 360 pan and tilt power to capture the whole pitch or to zoom in for in-depth analysis. The mast was light enough for one person to carry and is easily transported from game to game with its compact frame. Total Mast Solutions had a whole range of the Sports Mast Filming System to choose from with different heights and diameters for the specific needs of the customer.


The customers found the equipment to be a great help and have had great success using the Sports Mast Filming System for their games and improvement of performance strategies. Both the players and the coaches of the teams have found it a great help when looking over the game and has aided the teams with the ability to learn from previous games and help them to focus on important areas of development when playing a match.