Portable Pneumatic Masts

Portable Pneumatic Masts

Mast Type: Portable Pneumatic Masts

Extending between 2m and 20m in height, our pneumatic portable masts are available in three base tube diameter sizes: Ø66mm, Ø80mm and Ø101mm. Each mast is constructed from 2mm anodised aluminium, which is very robust yet more lightweight than steel.

We offer more than just masts…

Our portable masts and diverse mounting options are essential pieces of equipment in the fields of sports analysis, lighting, aerial photography and communications in particular, as well as military and emergency services such as police and fire departments. Portable mast systems are easily deployed in under five minutes by a single person, with the mast itself extended using either the integral hand pump, separate stand pump or a 12v/24v compressor. Portable masts are usually fitted to one of our unique tripod, drive-on or tow-hitch mounting solutions and all can be transported conveniently in protective padded carry bags.

Choosing the right portable mast for your application..

Once we have determined the required extended and retracted height of your mast, and the head load to be supported, we will be able to recommend the mast model(s) and associated kit most suited to your needs. Fill out an enquiry form or contact our friendly helpful team directly on +44 (0)1509 416 972 and we will provide you with all the technical specifications of the most suitable masts.

What Else We Can Offer…

From our base in the East Midlands, we are able to distribute masts all over the UK and Worldwide. All of our masts are packed to EU ISO standards and carry the CE mark of quality. For more visuals of our portable masts in action please view the videos on our gallery and our mast mounting options can be viewed on our mast accessories page.

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