Vehicle Mounted Telescopic Masts Systems

Suitable for all diameter masts in the pneumatic Portable and Keyed ranges, specifically designed for rapid deployment by a single person, the versatility of the Fast Mast enables the user to easily transport and extend their mast from any location where they can obtain access with their vehicle.

Installed Internally – Through Vehicle Roof

We can supply a vast range of masts suitable for vertical installation within vehicles or in shipping containers and other buildings. We have a big range of mast accessories including mounting brackets and clamps to make the fitting process easy for you to do or our craftsmen can do the installation for you (usually the same day). We can also supply or fit vehicle stabilization systems that can also be used to level the vehicle.

Please take a look at our Pneumatic Keyed Masts range for some examples. A firm customer favourite is the COMPACT MAST RANGE as these give minimum protrusion above the vehicle’s roof, this can be as little as 125mm or 5”. Please also supply the floor to roof height, an extended height of the mast and head load weight and size. Our experienced team will be able to guide you to the correct mast solution to suit your application.

A range of robust compact yet powerful 12-volt and 24-volt compressors and internal spiralled cables are available. The mast can be supplied with manual or motorized 360-degree rotation from the base. You can also have a microswitch to warn the driver that the mast is extended as a safety feature.

The mast can have either a quick release headload adaptor or your device can be bolted on top, we can rapidly make any type of mounting bracket to interface with the mast and your head load device.

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Fast Mast Systems

Formed from strong powder coated aluminium, the box contains a roller mechanism which allows forward and backward level adjustment of the mast when parked on uneven ground, and the tow hitch winder assembly enables side to side level adjustment, giving the operator full control of the masts position and stability. The box protects the mast during transportation and comes with clasps for a padlock and dual-pin lock system to enhance security. The box can be supplied in any colour and is easily fitted to standard roof rack bars and standard tow hitch. Fast Mast Roller Box System can be fitted to virtually any vehicle type. Please check the weight load specifications of your vehicle in order to determine the weights of the masts that could be transported.

The uniquely designed Fast Mast Roller Box System is a popular choice for customers who use the mast for their own commercial use and the box provides an excellent space upon which to place company branding such as logos and contact details without the inconvenience of placing them on their vehicle itself.

The Universal Fast Mast Roof Roller Box System

This system has the same functions as the Standard Fast Max Box with the advantage of being much stronger and possesses the capacity to accommodate the heavier masts in the Keyed Mast range including Ø115mm, Ø152mm, Ø200mm, and Ø250mm.

The Universal Fast Mast System is designed to fit to a strong (usually purpose-built) steel roof rack and the mast level is achieved by the tow hitch mounted adjuster assembly that also has 2 x Extendable Outriggers with Manual Vehicle Level/Stabilisation Jacks. For bigger and heavier masts, a strengthened roller track is fitted inside the box and a strong steel supporting sub-frame below the box.

Other Types Available

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