Telescopic Mast Special Systems

Some of our customers require custom made solutions to specifically meet their needs. All special items we manufacture are rigorously tested for strength and functionality prior to despatch.

Our masts can be supplied with red and white stripes to the base tube in UV resistant vinyl and painted collars for high visibility and safety reasons. One application they are commonly used for is signal strength testing for guidance of incoming aircrafts. Another is overt and covert surveillance of perimeter areas.

In addition to our diverse range of Portable Mast and Keyed Mast systems, we also supply Special Mast systems for particular applications. Our special mast systems have been developed for specific uses within the Emergency Services and Military. Please follow the links below to find out more about our specialist equipment.

Aqua Mast


The patented system Aquamast is a brand new product to our range. It enables fire control in high buildings and in smaller streets, where larger fire trucks do not have enough space to enter.

Roof Mast


Roof masts can be operated either manually or electronically. The manual roof masts are easily mounted on the vehicle roof and can be 90° tilted, manually or electrically. Our automatic roof masts can be operated via a wired or wireless handset to control and rise to vertical and extend functions.

They have an inbuilt compressor and internal wire within the mast to power the lamps. 12V or 24V versions are available.

Mecmast Mast


The MecMast is the new mechanical telescopic mast driven by an electrical motor. The MecMast provides an excellent solution for specially designed antennas, cameras and other specific equipment used for Communications and Surveillance. The mast requires no guying and can support heavy top loads up to 500kg.

Inverted Mast


Our masts can be used inverted (downwards) by utilising a winch and guy ropes – usually while mounted on a QPOD or fixed to a structure. They have proved an invaluable tool within the offshore oil industry as they are used for underwater inspection and installation monitoring without the need for a diver entering a very dangerous environment.

They are also used in other industries for inspecting inside shafts, vessels and pipes.

Portable masts of any size can also be inverted using our standard QPOD with an adapter kit.

We are constantly receiving new and interesting applications for telescopic masts. We have the capability to rapidly design and build a system that is specific to your requirements.

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