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Sports Pitch Lighting

sport pitch lighting

Over the past few years we have supplied many of our large diameter keyed Telescopic Masts into the sports lighting market. When comparing them to fixed columns, the masts are very easy and quick to install. On average, a 15m mast takes approximately one and a half minutes to extend. Perfect!

Our masts are also capable of carrying significant head loads for large light configurations, and normally come equipped with internal power cables.

Since many sport facilities are known to be built in residential areas, we are proud to say that our lighting masts can be retracted so that they can be kept out of sight to keep residents happy.

Technical Specifications for the most commonly chosen masts

Diameter Extended Height
152mm (6ӯ)15m to 18m
200mm (8ӯ)15m to 18m
250mm (10ӯ)15m to 18m
340mm (13, 3/8 ӯ) - new15m to 18m

Our sport lighting masts can be extended/retracted individually or simultaneously, and are quick to deploy by a single person. They can also come with anti-climb and anti-vandalism measures that can be fitted to ensure the masts are tamperproof.

How we support the local community

Our telescopic mast overcome many Local Authority Planning issues as they can be retracted when not in use to help reduce light pollution. Many clubs that once had planning permission refused are now able to re-apply and can use our lighting masts for their own purposes.

If you need any details of sports lighting specialists please let us know and we can put you in contact with someone who can help you with the installation of lights on our masts and also send you details on the provision of light spread. Call us on 01509 416972 today.