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Lighting Tower & Flood Light Masts For Sport Events

Our telescopic floodlights offers flexible sports lighting…

Our telescopic floodlights for sports fields, courts and pitches provide the perfect solution for sports illumination especially when planning consent for fixed columns has been refused due to visual pollution issues. Many sports facilities have been built in heavily populated residential areas where neighbours often object to unsightly fixed columns as they by their nature are always visible. Telescopic floodlight masts are commonly used to overcome this and planning departments favour them and will often grant permission. Our masts can be automatically retracted to as low as I .8 meters or 1 meter. In some situations customers prefer up to 4-5 meters retracted to keep the sports floodlighting away from possible vandalism. We can provide strong steel mast protection base tube covers and anti climb spike clamps and lamps can also be lowered into lamp protection boxes to stop vandalism. The portable floodlights can be centrally controlled remotely from a club house or strong steel lockable control box. Each sports lighting mast can be raised or lowered individually or all masts simultaneously. Internal spiralled cables are available to power the lamps and the entire mast can be rotated either manually or motorised. This can be useful for illuminating alternative areas when required. Pan, tilt and zoom video cameras can also be combined with our flood lighting masts and these can be used for sport analysis or for security purposes.

What else can we do…

The flood lighting masts we provide for this application do not require any form of guys even with very heavy head loads such as multiple metal halide lamps (usually with ballast at the mast base). We can fabricate fixed or quick release lighting brackets to your requirements. We can also arrange full design and installation of floodlightings systems at your facility by our own expert operatives to give you the full turnkey solution.

Sports Pitch Lighting

Our masts are the perfect solution for sports lighting and they are commonly used for football, rugby, tennis, hockey and athletics along with multi use facilities. There are a number of advantages for using telescopic masts against fixed columns such as:

  • Safe and easy access for maintaining and cleaning the lights/lamps.
  • Extremely robust masts with huge head load capacity – over 900 types available.
  • Far less visual impact as the lights can be retracted when not in use.
  • Much preferred by planning authorities and residential communities due to decreased visual impact.
  • Very easy to install and maintain
  • Some masts do not require any form of planning permission as it can be designated as a temporary structure.
  • Anti-climb and anti-vandalism measures can be fitted to all masts.
  • More versatility in terms of location and extended and retracted height.
  • Quick extension/retraction. For example, a 15m mast would take approximately one and a half minutes to extend.
  • Increased pitch use time and increased revenue flow for the club.
  • Reduced light pollution
  • Manual or motorised 360° mast rotation enables you to choose the area to be illuminated, useful for side by side pitches.

Recommended masts for event lighting

Pneumatic Keyed Masts

200m Keyed Mast

All our keyed masts are built by our expert craftsmen using the best quality materials. The tube wall thickness ranges from 3.5mm minimum to 6mm. This gives maximum strength and durability. They are fully anodised for protection even against the harshest of elements.

Trailer Masts

Total Mast Solutions Mast on Trailer

Ideal for large tower or antenna systems which need to be portable, our trailer masts are ideal and can be easily operated by just one person.

Push Up Masts

Hiperpod Fully Extended Mast
  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Extended height up to 7.3m
  • Retracted height 1.6m
  • Product weight 7.5kg
  • Max. head-load 3.5kg
  • Base tube diameter 45mm
  • Tube wall thickness 1mm
  • Air cushioned for smooth safe retraction
  • Fully adjustable legs

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