Trailer Mast System

Spray Pod

Spray Pod: The Close Wall Proximity And Manoeuvrability Solution

Manoeuvrability and positioning are crucial for effective mast placement and utilisation. Our new spray pod portable mounting system solves positioning challenges with an innovative design that makes it easy to move the mast around. 

This mounting system version is useful for applications requiring proximity to walls and similar uses. All wheels have brakes, and the spray pod has 4 x extendable outriggers, ensuring stability and preventing movement or rolling once the mast is in its desired position. We can easily alter this system to suit your requirements.

The spray pod also pivots flat for compact transportation on-site and to other locations. This function is also available on our bolt down system. 

To find out more or order this spray pod system, please message our team, or give us a call at +44 (0) 1509 416972.