Trailer Mast System

Trailer Mast Systems for the Aviation Industry


We are currently building a 20m Pivoting Trailer Mast System for our client who is prestigious in the aviation industry. Another one of our aviation customers has ordered a set of 10 x 250mm (10”) diameter masts with reinforced style tripods.

About our masts

Our masts are very strong and will carry an impressive 200kg head load (our maximum head load capacity is 500 kg). They also come with minimum deflection, meaning that movement will be minimal even in adverse weather conditions. Our trailer masts can also be easily operated by one person and are great for transporting large tower or antenna systems.


For customers that require optimal stability, we can produce an accurate deflection chart showing exactly how much the mast will move in a range of wind speeds. To produce this we would need to know the weight, surface area, and the shape of your head load and also the wind speed you would like the deflection chart based on.