Trailer Mast System

Trailer Systems

Trailer Systems: Improved Availability

Whether you are erecting floodlighting, video surveillance, or setting up radio communications, getting your telescopic masts promptly on location is crucial. To speed up the process for our customers, we have significantly increased our “pre-order” stock of trailer systems which are fully galvanized. This will enable us to rapidly assemble these, usually within 1-2 weeks.

We have also increased our stock of fully assembled trailer mast systems that are commonly ordered by customers, and these can be collected the next day or delivered usually within 1-3 days. These are also available for hire.

Our trailer mast systems have a proven track record with clients that include government organisations, the military, security and video surveillance firms, emergency services, amateur radio enthusiasts, telecommunication providers, and many more.

Trailer Mast System Benefits and Features

The many benefits of our trailer systems for telescopic masts include an improved footprint for enhanced stability, removable towbars, increased transportation stability, and single, dual, and triple axle systems for lightweight through to rugged applications. When a stock trailer system needs additional features, by request, we can add anti-tamper systems, access platforms and ladders, weatherproof lockable steel storage boxes, a spare wheel, pivoting solar panels, a guying winch, and painting or powder coating in any colour.

For further information on our stock and pre-order trailer mast systems, contact our team or give us a call at +44 (0) 1509 416972.