Adjustable upper support system

This new item has been developed to add extra support to the upper part of the base tube.  It has 2 x pivoting and telescopic arms with clamps, and a triangulation arm, to lock the arms together. Both arms have a pivoting clamp with rubber pads for increased grip.  This is a very useful accessory Read More »

Super strong ground stakes

Super Strong Ground Stake

We have now completed the new super-strong ground stake development, which will be a handy item for guying larger masts.  This ground stake will be an essential accessory for soft and sandy ground conditions to ensure a firm and rigid guying anchor point.  The super-strong ground stake has angled slots to make extraction easy with Read More »

Update on stock and production times

We have increased the stock of our most popular mast systems and mast accessories, which allow us to provide a next day delivery service.  We are now working on reducing order times to provide a rapid turnaround time for all our customers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch Read More »

New Tripod To Complement Our Range – Q POD XL

Q POD XL Tripod

We have now completed the development and testing of the new Q Pod XL.  This is much stronger than the Q Pod S and Q Pod L, and it is still compact when stowed for easy transportation.  All clamping points have two fixings that lock all sliding parts securely in position with 2X bolts. It Read More »

New Trailer Mast Design

Mast Trailer

This newly designed trailer is compact and easy to tow and deploy by a single person.  The T2 is unbraked, and the T3 has breaks with an overrun function.  The chassis has a very strong rugged design and it is fully galvanised.  All lighting is compliant with EU regulations. Both trailers will accommodate masts up Read More »

Product Improvement

From 1st of February 2021 all of our tripods, drive on and other mounting systems will be fully zinc plated and powder-coated in silver colour.  This is to further protect these items from corrosion and to increase their usable life.  The additional protection will come at no extra cost. If you have any questions or Read More »

Lighting sets

We can supply quick release or fixed brackets, and wiring for temporary or permanent lighting applications.  You can choose from a large range of lamps, including our eco friendly LED lights.  There is a wide range of lamps that can be attached to the mast with up, down and sideways adjustment.  Some of our masts Read More »

Automatic telescopic vehicle-mounted lighting mast / Fireco automatic roof mast


This is an ex-demo system that has the same functions as the Night Owl or the Night Scan system.  Our version has the added function of motorised lights that will, with the aid of a remote control handset allow the user to concentrate the illumination onto a specific area. The remote control handset is easy Read More »

Super strong guying picket

guying picket

They are fabricated from 70mm x 70mm x 8mm steel with 3 x guying points.  They can be supplied painted as standard or galvanised. They can come with a quick-release guying winch, with 2 winching speeds and a 2-way ratchet.  Available with 3 strand polyester pre-stretched rope or 2, 3 and 4mm stainless steel guys. Read More »

Intermediate guying / Equipment mounting clamp

mounting clamp

Available in sizes to fit all masts, they can be used to mount equipment at any height on the mast. Alternative equipment mounting plates can be made to suit your requirements. They can also be used as an extra guying clamp, and are adjustable to suit any tube size with rubber protection, to protect tubes Read More »